European Auto Performance Upgrades

European Auto Performance UpgradesFor many people, no matter how good stock is, it isn't good enough. This is especially true when buying a luxury or performance grade European car or SUV. There are numerous methods of improving your vehicle's ability to perform, what you choose to do ultimately depends on the goals you have for your car. While some modifications may provide stellar aesthetic improvements, others will have none at all, yet greatly enhance your driving experience. Here's a few things to consider when thinking about conducting performance upgrades to your European auto.

ECU Tuning

The electronic control unit (ECU) could be considered the brain of the vehicle. It is responsible for a number of performance factors. By essentially rewriting the code in the ECU, a car can achieve enhanced performance, including more power, better fuel economy or cleaner emissions.

Custom Suspension

Customizing your suspension can offer a number of benefits. This includes changing the ride height, including lowering the vehicle, as well as upgrading driveability, such as better performance around corners. Talk with a specialist about your goals to find the right suspension system for your car.

Exhaust Upgrades

An upgraded exhaust system can do several things for your car. For one, it can provide more horsepower by reducing back pressure. Additionally, a custom exhaust system will improve the sound of your engine. On top of all this, custom exhaust often enhances your fuel economy.

Turbos & Superchargers

There are pros and cons to turbos and superchargers, but in the end, they both make your car more powerful. If you're looking to get more oomph from your motor, a turbo or a supercharger is a surefire way to do it.

Brake Kits

Of course, with extra power often comes a need to stop quicker. Brake kits aren't just for racecars though, as they can greatly improve the safety of any car or SUV.

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