4 Common Signs of Starter Motor Trouble

4 Common Signs of Starter Motor TroubleThe process to start your car is much more complicated than just turning a key. While it may not take any physical effort on your own part to get the engine up and running a complicated series of events must take place once the key is turned that will allow your car's engine to come to life. Turning the key generates an electrical pathway that is suppose to power the starter motor, which in turn engages with the flywheel to get the engine spinning. If your starter motor fails you will not be able to start your car. While there are many problems that can prevent a car from starting, if you experience any of the following you can make a strong assumption it is a starter motor problem that is doing your car harm.

Loud Clicking

A loud click or a series of clicks that happens when you try to start your car is a sign of a starter issue. This noise usually means that the starter is receiving the necessary electrical current to actuate, it doesn't have enough power to spin, and may mean the starter motor or solenoid has failed.

Grinding Sounds

Loose mounting bolts may result in a grinding noise to occurring when you try to start your vehicle. However, this noise can also indicate worn or broken teeth on the flywheel or pinion gears. If that is the case the gears will not be able to correctly mesh together in order to spin the engine.

Buzzing Noise

If a buzzing noise occurs but the engine is not spinning it often means there is flow of electrical current to the starter motor, but the starter motor is not actuating. The issue usually means there is a poor electrical connection or the electrical pathway between the starter and battery is hindered.

Whirring Noise

If the pinion gear (the part of the starter that engages with the flywheel) is not able to do so in order to spin the motor you will likely hear a noise that sounds something like a swish or a whirr. This is the sound of the starter spinning without connecting with the the flywheel and likely indicates the solenoid has gone out.

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