The Importance of an Oil Change

It's a challenge to find a car owner that doesn't wish for their vehicle to be able to last a very long time and need only minimal repairs. For most cars, trucks, and SUVs, their ability to function for extended periods of time stats first with the health of the engine. Only when the engine is taken care of can the rest of the vehicle have a long life as well. When looking for ways to truly take good care of an engine, one of the best things you can do is stay on top of regular oil changes. Though oil changes occur fairly regularly and can sometimes feel like a nuisance for a lot of drivers, it's imperative that oil changes are never missed. The next time you are due for an oil change, be sure to promptly bring your vehicle to a trusted auto maintenance center. This is particularly important if you drive a European made vehicle, as they require specially trained technicians who have experience with all makes and models of European vehicles.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

The oil in your vehicle is one of the key steps to maintaining a healthy engine. The oil acts like a lubricant and cleaning agent, ensuring all the working metal parts are able to smoothly glide against one another without any metal grinding against other metal parts. In addition, the oil collects any dirt, grime, or small particles that might be in the engine that could potentially cause harm to the metal parts. The oil is also there to help pull heat away from the metal parts, drawing the heat away from point of friction where damage might occur. As the amount of oil in you engine starts to decrease the chances of potential damage will increase, which is why it's so important you never miss another oil change! The last thing you want is for costly damages to occur to your engine simply because you didn't feel like getting an oil change.

European Auto Maintenance

When you drive a European made vehicle it's important to have a team of properly trained auto technicians step in and help ensure everything is in top condition. When you find a team of expert auto technicians, such as the team at Redmond European, you know your European made vehicle is in good hands. Whether you are due for your next oil change, need brake repair, have engine trouble, need AC repair or even transmission repair, with the right team of European auto experts by your side you will be able to ensure your vehicle is taken care of at all times. The next time you are looking for the best European auto maintenance or European auto repair around, get in touch with our team of highly trained experts here at Redmond European.

There are few things you can do for your engine that are better for its health than a regular oil change. Like the lifeblood of the engine, the oil is what ensures everything is able to run smoothly, cleanly, and with care. This is why it's so important to find an auto repair center that specializes in oil changes. The next time you are due for an oil change in Redmond don't wait another moment before getting a hold of our team here at Redmond European at (425) 276-7387 right away! Our team of experts are proud of their extensive knowledge and training in all makes and models of European vehicles. We know how important regular oil changes are for the overall health of your engine and vehicle and we are here to make sure you never miss another one.

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