Simple Tips to Keep Your Porsche Running Great

Simple Tips to Keep Your Porsche Running GreatWhen it comes to ensuring that your Porsche has a long, healthy and fun road life it is critical that you closely follow the manufacturer's recommended service calendar. That guide includes the mileage points and time frames for all of the Porsche's required preventative maintenance requirements. In most cases, having these services completed on time will do a more than adequate job of keeping your luxury sports car running and driving its very best. However, there are other issues that can come up and and services that you should consider having completed, as doing so can provide additional protection from major Porsche engine failure.

Adding Porsche coolant

If you receive a service message while driving your Porsche that warns of low coolant you will need to add more to the reservoir. Remember, don't open the coolant reservoir when the engine is hot. Ensure your vehicle has sufficient time to cool to prevent burns, then follow these steps to properly add coolant to your Porsche:

A. If the motor is at all warm, cover the reservoir cap with a cloth and carefully twist it off to allow any overpressure to escape. Then remove the cap fully.

B. Check the engine coolant level in the reservoir. When the motor is cold and the Porsche is sitting completely level, the coolant must read within the area between the minimum and maximum markings on the reservoir.

C. Fill with the appropriate coolant as necessary. Use 50 percent Porsche approved antifreeze with 50 percent water, without exceeding the max marking.

D. Tighten the reservoir cap until it locks securely.

If you're losing coolant you'll want to contact a professional Porsche repair shop as soon as possible to schedule service.

Variocam bolts

Many German automakers, including BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche, use computer controlled variable valve timing, allowing for an exact balance of power and fuel efficiency based on current driving conditions. Within this system, in some Porsches, there have been cases in which the camshaft controller bolts, the variocam bolts, have come loose inside the engine. This problem can trigger the check engine or service engine soon light, and more seriously, result in an engine stall or more critical engine damage. In June 2017 Porsche issued a recall for certain models as a result of this problem, so be sure to contact your local Porsche center to find out if your car requires service per Porsche's recall.

As with any make and model of vehicle, Porsche's require routine maintenance and have occasional issues. If you need any sort of Porsche service in Redmond head to Redmond European. Our Porsche repair experts will be able to assist with any needs your daily driver or collector Porsche may have! To learn more about our services or to schedule professional Porsche repair in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue or the surrounding communities give us a call at (425) 276-7387 today.

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