Common Signs it is Time for General Auto Repair

Common Signs it is Time for General Auto RepairNo matter what you drive, there are some things that indicate it's time for auto repair, NOW! By paying attention to what your vehicle is trying to tell you through the symptoms it displays, you can ensure that small problems don't grow worse. Stay on the lookout for these signs of general car trouble, and if you encounter any of them, don't delay schedule auto repair with your local specialist.

Fluid Leaks

One of the most common signs of car trouble is if fluid is leaking from it. Your vehicle uses a number of specialized liquids to operate, and none of them should be dripping from the car. Common leaks include oil leaks, coolant leaks and transmission fluid leaks.

Excessive Exhaust

If your vehicle is creating excessive amounts of exhaust smoke it often means there is trouble with the engine. Judging by the color of the smoke you can often get an idea of what's wrong. For example, blue smoke means oil is burning up, while black smoke indicates excess fuel use.

Strange Noises

If you hear any weird noises as you drive down the road you should pay attention to where they are coming from and what're you're doing when they occur. If you're braking and hear a grinding noise, it's time for brake repair. A knocking noise under the hood indicates worn engine bearings.

Weird Smells

Odors are another way to figure out that something is amiss with your vehicle. There are numerous smells that can indicate trouble, for example, a dirty laundry smell can be a sign of mold in the heater vents, while a burning paper smell could mean it's time for a new clutch.

Performance Issues

Has your car's fuel economy dipped? Is it having trouble idling? Perhaps acceleration seems bogged? Any of these problems and others should be a sign that it's time to visit the auto shop. Many times small tune up services can restore vehicle performance.

Dashboard Indicator Light

If a dashboard indicator light comes on, such as the check engine light, ABS light or TPMS light, be sure to head to the auto shop for proper diagnostics. These issues often start small, but left unchecked, they'll grow much worse.

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