Ready for Your Next Oil Change and Tune Up?

If a child has seen the movie, The Wizard of Oz, then they know how important oil is to helping the Tin Man function properly. When he runs out of oil, he is no longer able to move. Well, the same holds true for your vehicle and it's engine! Without the right amount of oil -- and the right quality of oil -- your engine is not capable of functioning the right way and can even lead to costly damage. It's important to stay on top of your regular oil changes and tune ups to help keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Not sure if you could benefit from an oil change? Get in touch with a respected auto maintenance center, like the team at Redmond European, and they can take a look at your levels and let you know what would benefit you in the long run.

Time for an Oil Change?

If you're sitting around as a car owner wondering if you should be getting an oil change soon, odds are the answer is yes. The longer it's been since your last oil change, the better chance you could benefit from one ASAP. While you are often notified at your previous oil change when would be the best time to seek your next one (by the number of miles driven or the number of months that have passed) it's not always easy to remember when this might be. The best way to assess whether you could benefit from an oil change or an oil tune up is simply by getting in touch with a local auto repair center who can take a close look at your engine and your oil levels and let you know how you're doing. If you're due for an oil change or a tune up they can let you know immediately and then help you with the needed work right then or at a later appointment.

Running Smoothly

One of the most important reasons you never want to miss out on an opportunity to get an oil tune up or an oil change is that without a healthy amount of oil (at the right levels) the working metal parts of your engine will not be able to run smoothly! Instead they will begin to grate against one another, causing damage and costly problems. The oil acts as a lubrication, assisting all the working parts in moving seamlessly and effortlessly against one another. Additionally, the oil helps draw heat heat away from the parts, avoiding any potential heat related damage and keeping everything at a safe temperature. However, as oil levels drop over time and the quality of the oil decreases then the effectiveness of the oil also decreases. In order to avoid this problem it's helpful to get regular oil changes and tune ups. Get your vehicle to a trusted auto repair center where the team of experts can make sure everything's running smoothly.

You don't have to look any further than The Wizard of Oz to see what happens to something if it doesn't get enough oil -- when the Tin Man didn't have enough oil he froze up! Don't let this happen to your engine. Make sure there is always plenty of high quality oil in your vehicle at all times. The best way to ensure your engine is in top health is by bringing your vehicle into a trusted auto repair center where a team of experts can take good care of your car. If you are due for your next oil change and tune up in Redmond get in touch with our team of experts over here at Redmond European at (425) 276-7387 right away! We specialize in oil changes and tune ups and are here to make sure your engine isn't freezing up like the Tin Man!

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