What is Leaking from My Car?

What is Leaking from My CarAll vehicles use a variety of fluids to operate their numerous systems. If you ever notice something leaking from your vehicle you should never wait to have the problem diagnosed and resolved, as it will likely only get work and cause major mechanical or safety issues. So if there is a puddle of something in your driveway that isn't rainwater use this guide to determine what it might be and then make an appointment with your mechanic right away.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is generally red in color and in most cars will drip under the forward section of your car's passenger cabin if it is leaking. Transmission fluid ensures your car can shift smoothly and if you operate a vehicle low on transmission fluid it can cause major damage that may require extensive repair.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is vital to the safe operation of your vehicle. If fluid leaks from the power steering station it may result in difficulty controlling your car. A leak will often be accompanied by a whirring or siren like sound that occurs as you turn the steering wheel.

Brake Fluid

If there is a brake fluid leak it will likely accumulate near a tire or under the brake master cylinder. A brake fluid leak is very dangerous and warrants an immediate trip to the mechanic to ensure your stopping power is not tarnished. Brake fluid is clear or a light brown color and is slimy to the touch. Don't drive your vehicle if you suspect a brake fluid leak.

Coolant Leak

To protect your engine make sure you get coolant leaks repaired right away. Coolant is usually a bright green, but sometimes can be pink or yellow. Coolant does as the name suggests, and keeps the engine cool, preventing it from overheating and other major problems.

Oil Leak

Probably the easiest fluid to identify that your car uses for operation is engine oil. Ranging from black to light brown, depending on how new or used it is, engine oil can seep from many places. If you notice an oil leak ask your mechanic how quickly it may need to be repaired.

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