What is Scheduled Auto Maintenance?

What is Scheduled Auto Maintenance?No matter what kind of car you drive, it is going to require routine maintenance at different points in its roadlife. There are all types of maintenance services, which will be discussed momentarily, but each of these services are necessary for one reason: to keep your car running great. Putting off auto maintenance is likely to lead to massive car trouble, such as engine damage or transmission failure. When your car is due for any of the following services, or other necessary maintenance, be sure to have it conducted in a timely manner!

Oil Change

The most frequent services required by any car or SUV is an oil change. Oil changes are necessary to ensure that the vehicle's engine is properly lubricated. Low oil levels, or dirty oil, which can occur if a vehicle does not receive an oil change, can lead to engine damage.

Fluid Services

Your car uses several specialized fluids to operate the different vehicle systems. From time to time the liquids need to be drained and replaced, to ensure they are free of damaging contaminants. This service is called a fluid flush.

Tune Ups

If your vehicle is between scheduled maintenance appointments but doesn't seem to be running quite right, head to your trusted auto shop for diagnostics and tune up services. It's likely that a small repair or maintenance service will restore your car's performance.

Belts & Hoses

Rubber belts and hoses need to be replaced at certain mileage points to ensure they don't break. A busted hose will result in fluid leaks and a snapped belt, such as a timing belt, can cause extensive engine damage.

30/60/90K Maintenance

Many vehicles require 30/60/90K services, meaning they should have a check up every 30,000 miles. During these services a vehicle may undergo a variety of procedures, including computer diagnostics, safety analysis, filter replacements and more.

When your vehicle is due for maintenance, do not put it off. Your car needs it to remain healthy! If it is time for auto maintenance in Redmond for your Audi, VW, Porsche, BMW or Mini be sure to visit Redmond European. Our talented staff will take great care of your vehicle's auto maintenance needs, ensuring it's running at the top of its game. To learn more, or to request strong>European auto maintenance in Redmond, give us a call at (425) 276-7387 today.

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